13 Weihnachtstrolle machen Ärger
 - Sabine Städing - Hardcover

Children's fiction
272 pages
Ages 8+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82434-9
Release Date: 09.09.2016

13 Christmas Trolls Cause Trouble

2 children, 13 nasty Christmas trolls; and an entire living community of Santa Clauses

Jonas and his little sister, Mila, would never have thought they’d ever experience a real Christmas adventure. But that is exactly what happens one night when they hear noises coming from their Advent calendar, which makes them curious enough to peek behind the biggest door. And – whoosh – they land in the Christmas village where not only do they meet the Santa Claus Living Community but also Saint Nicholas’s grim companion, Servant Rupert, and many other Christmas characters.
However, since the disappearance of Jack Frost, spirits have been low in the village. Who will now take care of the sick reindeers? Everybody is deeply concerned because what if Christmas has to be canceled? And so it begins – an exciting adventure, during which Jonas and Mila are caught in the clutches of thirteen nasty trolls, help to free Jack Frost, and make sure that Christmas will take place after all
A Christmas adventure by Sabine Städing – the author of „Petronella Applesauce“

Wonderful story to set the mood for Christmas Eve: Two children save Christmas

Written in 24 chapters – the perfect companion for the Advent season

Illustrated with affection and humor by Barbara Scholz