24 Adventsgeschichten
 - Hardcover

Children's fiction
200 pages
Ages 10+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82223-9
Release Date: 03.09.2009

Katharina Braun

24 Advent Stories. An Advent Calendar Book

Children's Book
Edited By Katharina Braun
Illustrated By Ingrid Sissung

Like chocolates in an advent calendar, twenty-four magical advent stories by well-known authors sweeten the long wait until Christmas Day. Humorous, thoughtprovoking, and deeply moving tales make this advent calendar for readers a spirited companion to the most wonderful time of the year. Its forty-eight double pages are perforated, so that one can be opened for each day from December 1 until Christmas Eve, making the waiting time until Christmas fun! Includes twenty-four original stories by Wolfram Hänel, Manfred Theisen, Herbert Günther, Jürgen Banscherus, Heinz Janisch, Kirsten John, Sigrid Zeevaert, and others.
An advent calendar in the form of a book
Twenty-four stories, one for each day from December 1 until Christmas Eve
With detachable perforated pages
A perfect gift