24 weihnachtliche Geschichten. Ein Adventskalenderbuch
 - Hardcover

Children's fiction
200 pages
Ages 8+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82167-6
Release Date: 20.09.2013

Diana Steinbrede

24 Christmas Stories

An Advent Calendar Book
Edited By Diana Steinbrede
Illustrated By Barbara Korthues

Opening a door every day

This Advent calendar shortens the wait for Christmas – completely without chocolate. 24 different authors tell 24 Advent stories – some of them funny, some of them pensive, others thought provoking, or humorous. With sealed double pages, which can be detached at the perforated lines, starting December 1st and ending on Christmas Eve. This makes waiting for Christmas fun!
24 stories for each day from December 1 to Christmas Eve 
With detachable perforated pages