Sechzig ist das neue Vierzig
 - Lotte Kühn - eBook

Lübbe Life
eBook (epub)
255 pages
Ages 12+
ISBN: 978-3-7325-8655-4
Release Date: 28.08.2020

60 IS THE NEW 40

Mental shapewear for women in their prime

So you’ve finally hit 60! Your children are all grown up, menopause is over, your husband and girlfriends are still alive, the mortgage is paid off, and your minor aches and pains are still manageable. And wrinkles? Good Lord, who doesn’t have them? Things don’t get any better than this - all the more reason to explore surprising opportunities to experience happiness, precious freedoms, and new joys. With wit, self-irony, and amply supplied with splits of Champagne, Lotte Kühn sets out to discover herself and the world. Because one thing is certain: aging without humor is deadly.

Here is a humorous companion on the journey that leads to the best years of life. It loves to take a closer look at clichés, and it points out ways that women can counter annoying prejudices with dignity and consequently look anything but old when it comes to facing the golden autumn years with composure.

A mixture of colorful reading for the mixed feelings that arise around 60: witty, sharp-tongued, and slightly pensive

A great gift for a girlfriend

Lotte Kühn’s diary as she heads for her next round birthday