8 Tage im Juni
 - Brigitte Glaser - Hardcover

Juvenile fiction
224 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82363-2
Release Date: 19.07.2013

8 Days in June

Juvenile Book

Poor meets rich: A touching love story

Jenny and Lovis live only a few kilometers apart but their lives couldn’t be any more different. Lovis’s father has a lot of money, whereas Jenny lives in a subsidized housing unit often not knowing where to get the money to buy the next meal. Then, in a deserted subway station, Lovis is bashed up by three adolescents who throw him on the tracks. Jenny witnesses the scene and, at the very last moment, she pulls him back onto the platform. However, she runs away before the Police arrive because she recognized one of the assailants: He is a boy she has known since early childhood.
While Jenny doesn’t know what to do, Lovis cannot get the mysterious girl out of his head. When he finds her student ID in his things, he can finally get in touch with his lifesaver. They meet – and two worlds collide. But they both have butterflies in their stomachs that they cannot ignore and so they meet time and again. During a week in June that turns everything upside down…
How is it to survive on little money and to always live on the fringe of society?

Told from the alternating perspectives of Jenny and Lovis, resulting in a close encounter with both characters