Eine Blume für den Hasen (Pappbilderbuch)
 - Michael Engler - Hardcover

Board book
26 pages
Ages 2+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0623-7
Release Date: 30.09.2021

A Flower For Rabbit

Our best-selling series, now also for very young children

Rabbit and Hedgehog are best friends, and they first met on this day a very long time ago. That’s why Hedgehog wants to give Rabbit a very special present. A red flower! He looks around, and finds flowers as yellow as the sun, as white as snow, as blue as the sky... But he can’t find a red one anywhere.

Disappointed, Hedgehog leaves the flowers lying on the ground. But then Rabbit comes by and is delighted: this colourful bouquet is the perfect present for his friend Hedgehog on their meet-iversary!

The first in a new board book series featuring Rabbit and Hedgehog

Sweet stories about friendship to help children learn about colours

Featuring different coloured flowers, perfectly pitched for very young readers