Die kleine Spinne Widerlich - Der Geburtstagsbesuch
 - Diana Amft - Hardcover

picture book
32 pages
Ages 4+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0084-6
Release Date: 16.11.2012

A Little Spider Named Yucky. The Birthday Visitors

Picture Book 2
Band 2 Illustrated By Martina Matos

A new adventure with the little spider Yucky

The little spider is all excited because she is celebrating her birthday. She has decorated her web with little flowers and everybody came: Uncle Long Leg, Auntie Gross, and all her friends.
Even Aunt Tarantula who took it upon herself to make the long journey from far-away Africa. The aunt is telling stories about fascinating expeditions that she calls “safaris” providing many a surprise during little Yucky’s party.

● The second picture book adventure of the little spider named Yucky.
● A fun and cheerful birthday story with endearing illustrations.
● Volume 1 sold over 48.000 copies.