Jeden Tag ein neuer Himmel
 - Violet Thomas - PB

Bastei Lübbe
Issue driven women's fiction
319 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-17999-2
Release Date: 29.06.2020


A thrilling story about a new beginning, the courage to follow one's dreams, and the incomparable power of great love

Charlotte is a young nurse in a children's hospice. When she hears a song by Sam, a street musician, she is moved to tears. The song is called “Daisy“ - the same name as her daughter who passed away. Sam notices Charlotte, is moved by his listener’s reaction, and becomes curious. Charlotte and Sam get to know each other through the song, and after a few dates they fall in love. Charlotte tells him about Daisy and also about her work at the children's hospice, where she cares for Hamish, a street kid suffering from leukemia. She is trying to find his best friend Stella for him, so the two can say goodbye to one another.

Sam is so impressed with Charlotte that he writes a beautiful song about her and performs it on the street. Someone films the performance and it becomes a hit online. A big record company promptly offers Sam a contract, which is something he has been dreaming about for years. But the recording company insists on knowing the identity of the woman Sam was singing about. Sam doesn't want to make Charlotte's story public, but his agent has fewer scruples. When Charlotte receives the first unsolicited interview requests from major newspapers, she flies into a rage and ends her relationship with Sam.

For all fans of Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Perry, Priscille Sibley, and Anna McPartlin

Happy tears at its best