Tante Rotz legt los
 - Andrea Schütze - Hardcover

Children's fiction
192 pages
Ages 8+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82519-3
Release Date: 27.07.2018

Aunt Snot Gets Down to Business

Illustrated By Larisa Lauber

This aunt turns everything upside down

In the Smoothlife family, everything goes according to a plan. The twins, Cassandra and Zachary, barely have a minute to themselves – even though the summer holidays have only just begun! But then, all of a sudden, the tide seems to be turning. For all babysitters cancel at the same time and father Smoothlife has no other choice but to ask his Aunt Snotinda to watch the children. Who? the twins wonder with wide eyes.
On the following morning, when Aunt Snot shows up at their door, the children can sense it right away: This will be a vacation they will not soon forget. And immediately, the crazy aunt orders them to participate in the first crash course – the topic is: Having fun, lots of it!

Every child needs an Aunt Snot!

Unbeatable blend of Mary Poppins and Gangsta Granny