Vorsicht, Monster! - Komm mit auf Monsterjagd!
 - Cee Neudert - Hardcover

Children's fiction
160 pages
Ages 8+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0632-9
Release Date: 30.09.2020

Beware the Monsters! - Join the Monster Hunt!

Illustrated By Pascal Nöldner

Beware the monsters! They lurk everywhere: in between the stairs, under the bed, down in the basement...

Tom Rens has taken you on a monster hunt once before, dear reader, and shown you how to deal with Shadowshriekers, Dungdumplings and a terrifying Giant Slime. So you’re a pro now, right? Wrong! You’re still a beginner when it comes to monster hunting! Now Tom and Klexsi the monster need your help again: Tom’s friend and aspiring monster expert Mona has discovered intruders at the school! Can you help Mona catch the monsters and put a stop to their mischief?

Perfect for reluctant readers

Interactive monster defence training for plucky young readers

The reader is addressed directly, and sent on a monster hunt with puzzles to solve, codes to crack and disgusting decisions to make!

The reader jumps back and forth within the book, based on the ‘choose what happens next’ model

On-trend: escape rooms and exit games