Aus allen Wolken fällt man auch mal weich
 - Valerie Korte - Taschenbuch

Bastei Lübbe
Women's fiction
Pocket Book
351 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-18059-2
Release Date: 28.08.2020


A captivating romcom about the clash between the real world and the digital world

Julia has a perfect life, even if only on her Instagram account, where – looking radiant and super-stylish at all times – she promotes her own bracelet designs. But in reality her sunny loft is a poky basement flat, her ‘hubby’ is actually her ex, and her young daughter Fay is anything but a little angel. The only ray of light in Julia’s day-to-day life is the sculptor from across the road. And one day she finds him suddenly gone, and his studio emptied out.
She runs into him again at Fay’s kindergarten, of all places. Alex is a widower, and is settling his son into the kindergarten. When Julia hears he’s been fired by his gallery owner and forced to give up his studio, there’s not a doubt in her mind: this man needs her help. All his sculptures want is to be properly photographed and posted on Instagram with the right hashtags, and they’ll sell themselves.

Alex enters into the project enthusiastically – although he prefers to spend the rest of his time with the pretty young trainee at the kindergarten. But Julia doesn’t have time for a romance anyway. All her energy goes into running her business and looking after Fay – and now her ex wants her to pay back the money she owes him. Only on Instagram does Julia continue to live the glamorous life which, in the real world, she left behind long ago. Then one day, disaster strikes: in a rush and without her glasses on, Julia accidentally posts a photo Fay took while she wasn’t looking. It shows Julia with no makeup on, in a shapewear bodysuit, with the messy kitchen in the background.

That same evening, however, Alex turns up at her door to offer support. Perhaps the world isn’t going to end because of one bad photo after all.