- Sarah Remsky - Hardcover

Lübbe Life
272 pages
ISBN: 978-3-431-07006-4
Release Date: 30.04.2020


How Houseplants Help Us Stay Healthy

Using houseplants against Depression

Indoor plants bring nature into our homes. With their rich green, they set beautiful colour accents that suit every interior. And at the same time, indoor plants are healthy. Science has proven that plants strengthen our immune system, make us happier, support healing, eases depression, and simply allow us to breathe more freely. Author Sarah Remsky suffered from depression for six years. During her stay in a psychiatric clinic, she recognized the healing effect of houseplants and discovered a passion for raising and caring for them, which allowed her to regain her health. Today she owns well over 100 plants.

In her book, she recounts how her passion helped her recover from depression. In addition, she offers a host of tips about proper care, location, and therapeutic effects. On top of that, the book includes stylish photos introducing all the plants in an attractive layout.

Provides practical instructions that will allow everyone to experience the happiness plants create

Green is calming, lets us sleep better, and has healing powers - which is why we need more plants in our lives