Jungs sind Idioten. Mädchen auch.
 - Yvonne Struck - Hardcover

Juvenile fiction
191 pages
Ages 12+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82535-3
Release Date: 31.01.2019

Boys are idiots. So are girls

Illustrated By Carolin Dendorfer

Boy + Girl = Love Chaos!

When Lara and Finn meet for the first time in the school hallway, it is love at first sight. But before they can be together, they have to overcome numerous obstacles. There are not just the nosy mothers and the jealous fathers. There is also the best friend, a girl, who meddles in everyone’s affairs, and there are those boys that cannot help themselves and always make stupid comments. No, it is really not easy for Lara and Finn. Still, the newly enamored find a way and become an item – and this is when the real problems start. For how are you supposed to know what the other person wants and how far you can go? Man, love is pretty complicated!
A story about first love, expectations, and misunderstandings

Authentic and witty, narrated from two points of view

With hilarious doodle drawings