Bunburry - Sweet Revenge
 - Helena Marchmont - eBook

mystery novel
eBook (epub)
121 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-7325-7568-8
Release Date: 28.02.2020

Bunburry - Sweet Revenge

Episode 7

Welcome to Bunburry!

Miss Marple meets Oscar Wilde in this new series of cosy mysteries set in the picturesque  Cotswolds village of Bunburry. In "Murder at the Mousetrap," the first Bunburry book, fudge-making and quaffing real ale in the local pub are matched by an undercurrent of passion, jealousy, hatred and murder – laced with a welcome dose of humour.

In "Sweet Revenge", the seventh Bunburry book, Alfie is back in London, trying to pick up his old life there. But even a wild social whirl with his best friend Oscar can't disguise the fact that he misses Bunburry. And then a cry for help reaches him - Liz and Marge are in trouble, and Alfie races back. But as he and Police Constable Emma Hollis join forces to clear the ladies' names, he has to confront a growing suspicion. Has Liz made a mistake while making her celebrated fudge, or have the ladies been up to something more sinister?