Karneval im Zoo
 - Sophie Schoenwald - Hardcover

picture book
32 pages
Ages 4+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82543-8
Release Date: 31.07.2019

Carnival at the Zoo

Illustrated By Günther Jakobs

The sequel to the picture book success “The Big Teeth-Brushing Day at the Zoo”

Liger, rhicow, tapoodle, batterfly, pot-bellicorn, zebrare, cobripede – what is going on here? The zoo is teeming with strange creatures: Today the animals celebrate carnival! Monkeys, hippos, zebras - all dressed up. But who is who now? Zoo director Boisterous faces a mystery and asks his friend Ignaz Hedgehog for help. Soon the zoo will open its gates, and by then the mystery must be solved!

Marvel, puzzle and laugh with Ignaz Hedgehog and head zookeeper Mr Boisterous

Children love dressing up