Cassandra Carpers fabelhaftes Café - Zeitreise mit Zuckerguss
 - Mona Herbst - Hardcover

Children's fiction
352 pages
Ages 10+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82570-4
Release Date: 29.05.2020

Cassandra Carper’s Magical Café (Vol.2)

Time Travel with a Cherry on Top

Time travel is not for novices

Since discovering Cassandra’s magical café, Emma has spent every spare moment in the bakery there. But when the Witches’ Council announces that they are coming to visit the cafe on Walpurgis Night, it causes all kinds of commotion. The sorcerers want to make sure Cassandra is taking good care of the Magical Library. As a matter of fact, she’s hidden the books somewhere in the past – but she can’t quite remember where. Emma, Paula and the witches travel back to the year 1983, and so begins a race against time...

The next instalment of the charming, magical story of Cassandra Carper and her plucky friends

Enchanting, exciting and full of hilarious comic touches

The perfect read for anyone who likes wacky adventure stories with a sprinkling of magic