Weihnachten mit Juli
 - Petra Eimer - Hardcover

Children's fiction
176 pages
Ages 8+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0676-3
Release Date: 30.09.2021

Christmas With Juli

Illustrated By Petra Eimer

Juli and Paul are back – with all sorts of stories from (real) life!

“I’ve made a list for Christmas. It’s going to be our first Christmas as the fabulous four – so of course I want it to be perfect. But unfortunately we have a new neighbour. And he’s far from perfect. He doesn’t like horses, and he wants Juli gone... Christmas without Juli?! NO WAY! Luckily, Anna, Max and me (Paul) have plenty of good ideas about how to get the neighbour to like Juli. And we’re prepared to do whatever it takes! Unfortunately, however, Juli is not...”

The next book in the hit series from our Spring 2021 list

Christmas with a horse – chaos is guaranteed! Brilliant format with approx. 200 four-colour illustrations

“You can’t help but love July – no matter how much chaos she causes. A brilliantly told story with wonderful illustrations – pure reading enjoyment for children aged 8+.” Maike Jacobs, NEUE PRESSE

“A book you’ll want to read again and again, and which will make you laugh out loud.” Simone Leinkauf, BUCHMARKT

“What a wonderfully refreshing book about an unusual and above all unwanted friendship.” Katjam, LESEJURY.DE