Stadt aus Rauch
 - Svealena Kutschke - Hardcover

Other fiction
672 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-8479-0026-9
Release Date: 25.08.2017

City of Smoke

If you are delivered by the River Trave, one day the River Trave will reclaim you.
History is a place surrounded by ditches and walls, guarded by pirates. The cobblestones of Lübeck, over which the hangman once drove his carriage to Castle’s Gate, the aged and infirm were carried out of the city, the poor lie buried and the Nazis marched, do not easily reveal their secrets. It takes fury, passion, and hope to build a novel, to build a city – a city of smoke.
CITY OF SMOKE is set in the old quarters of Lübeck city where the alleyways are so narrow that only a coffin can pass through. Where history and yarns can scarcely be told apart. It tells the story of three women over three generations who pass down calamity to their daughters as if it were a precious jewel. Vanishing into thin air seems to affect the family like a curse, as well as being inextricably interwoven with the River Trave and the uncanny circumstances of Lucie’s birth.
It is Jessie, Lucie’s granddaughter, who finally breaks through this vicious circle by revealing the story as a lie. But the real catastrophe haunting the family is quite a different one. A catastrophe that casts a long shadow, into the third generation.
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Recommended for translation by New Books in German

“A novel packed with history and intricate characters and written with a precision
and intensity that the reader can barely put it down.” STERN

“Svealena Kutschke has a magisterial storytelling talent and CITY OF SMOKE can justifiably claim to be a modern BUDDENBROOKS.” NEW BOOKS IN GERMAN