Ohne Flugzeug um die Welt
 - Lorenz Keyßer - PB

Lübbe Life
Contemporary/ Social/ Politics
192 pages
Ages 6+
ISBN: 978-3-431-07003-3
Release Date: 28.02.2020

Climate-Conscious Travel

Happily Traveling around the World without a Plane

A travel adventure from Switzerland to Australia – without using a plane

Giulia Fontana and Lorenz Keyßer are studying environmental sciences in Zurich. Three years ago, they decided not to travel by air anymore because they can no longer accept responsibility for the enormous emissions it entails. Giulia and Lorenz have already organized countless projects and initiatives to combat CO2 emissions. They have advocated for sustainable food at the university dining facilities, and they sit on the board of the Student Association for the Reduction of Flight Emissions.

But when their best friend invites them to Sydney to serve as marriage witnesses, their green conscience is put to the test. They oppose flight emissions. They are committed to sustainability and haven’t flown for years. Should they make an exception? Yet devising a creative approach is much more interesting! So the two students travel across the globe by train and ship, embarking on a travel adventure that transforms the journey into a real experience.

For readers of Greta Thunberg and supporters of Fridays for Future

Includes many practical tips on conserving CO2