More than just a publisher

Bastei Lübbe AG’s portfolio involves considerably more than the sale of novel booklets, which the company specialised in from its foundation until the beginning of the 1950s. One glance at the individual brands and shareholdings casts light on the entire range of Bastei Lübbe AG, which has now developed into a broadly diversified media concern.

Lübbe Hardcover

A publisher in the truest sense of the word: The classic genres of thrillers, crime novels, historical novels and the broad spectrum of women’s literature are the focal point of the fiction range. The non-fiction range primarily features titles from the genres of memoir/autobiography, humour and society.

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Bastei Lübbe Taschenbuch

The Bastei Lübbe Taschenbuch range targets a large audience and features thrillers, crime novels, historical novels, women’s literature and erotic novels. It also focuses on fantasy and science fiction works. The non-fiction range features titles from the genres of memoir, popular science, biography, business and humour.

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Lübbe Audio

Lübbe Audio, one of the largest audio book publishers in Germany, produces audio books and radio plays in its own recording studio. These have already won many awards, including the Deutscher Hörspiel-Award (German Radio Play Award), the Deutscher Phantastik Preis (German Fantasy Prize), the Deutscher Hörbuchpreis (German Audio Book Prize), the Buchliebling and the Corine International Book Prize. The range spans from fiction, historical novels, thrillers, crime novels and horror, through modern women’s literature, romance and current non-fiction and children’s topics, to the audio book series »John Sinclair«.

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Baumhaus Verlag and Baumhaus Taschenbücher

Baumhaus and Baumhaus Taschenbuch publish storybooks, children’s books, »books for boys«, film books and young people’s books as well as recordings, radio plays and merchandise on book-related topics or film productions. They cooperate with around 160 publishing partners in the international book industry in over 30 countries and with various broadcasters and film distributors in the film production sector. The Frankfurt-based publisher of children’s and young people’s books sets standards on the bestseller lists, such as with the series of children’s novels »Die wilden Fußballkerle« and Jeff Kinney’s cult series »Gregs Tagebuch«.

Baumhaus Verlag Logo

Boje Verlag

Boje publishes pop-up books, storybooks and activity picture books, children’s books to read aloud and for beginners, as well as family books, young people’s books and non-fiction books, which have lasting value for children and their families in terms of their narrative, content, design and production. Boje also publishes new editions of picture books from renowned illustrators, poetry, and stories by the legendary James Krüss.

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Quadriga Verlag

The publisher Quadriga, based in the cosmopolitan, intellectual and cultural heart of the Berlin media scene, publishes work on current political and economic problems, business-related issues and topics characterised by the humour of the capital city. The range is topped off by free books full of ideas.

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Eichborn Verlag

The Eichborn Verlag - also known as the »Verlag mit der Fliege« (»the Publisher with the fly«) - was founded in Frankfurt in 1980, and today it is based in Cologne. It is home to both literary discoveries and special, original, exciting and surprising books from the fiction and non-fiction genres that have the makings of bestsellers, such as Timur Vermes’ »Er ist wieder da«.

Eichborn Verlag Logo

ONE Verlag

Based on the motto »You have to be odd to be number ONE!«, ONE publishes unique fiction titles from the genres dystopia, fantasy, suspense and romance in the »all age« or »young adult« categories, and thus bridges the gap between young people’s books and adults’ literature.

One Verlag Logo

Daedalic Entertainment

The majority shareholding in Daedalic Entertainment GmbH, which is from Hamburg and has a second location in Düsseldorf, enables Bastei Lübbe AG to take another consistent step in the implementation of its multimedia growth strategy. Daedalic Entertainment develops and globally distributes successful, high quality computer and video games with a strongly narrative character, which have already been awarded the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis (German Developer’s Prize), the Deutscher Computerspielpreis (German Computer Game Prize) and the European Games Award many times. Therefore, Daedalic not only complements Bastei Lübbe’s product portfolio but, with the large fan base behind its prizewinning adventures, also provides the ideal conditions for combined utilisation in the film, audio, comic and e-book sectors.

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HarperCollins bei Lübbe Audio

Germany has a new audio book label: Harper Collins at Lübbe Audio, which became an integral part of Bastei Lübbe AG in summer 2016. It extends the portfolio of the Lübbe Audio label, which has been successful for many years.

Here you will encounter a number of familiar names such as Karin Slaughter, Tess Gerritsen, Nora Roberts, Susan Mallery, Daniel Silva or even Jennifer L. Armentrout.

To bring these stories to life, we asked a number of well-known and popular audiobook readers to sponsor this program.

In keeping with Lübbe Audio’s motto from the early days, the newly launched label also “sounds great!”

Logo HarperCollins bei Lübbe Audio


Providing everything people like to read.

LYX stands for contemporary, engrossing entertainment for women and intense emotions - romance, erotic fiction, humour and drama. LYX books make addictive reading and guarantee perfect entertainment which is sure to delight everyone.

LYX very successfully launched the boom in romantic fantasy fiction in 2007. Since then, it has steadily expanded its portfolio. Contemporary Romance is now the largest area, offering tender romance, sexy romance, and erotic fiction to suit all readers and tastes. LYX has gained a wide readership, particularly in the Young Adult genre. Some of the most popular authors in this genre are included in the program. Romantic thrillers and historical novels round off the romantic entertainment offer.

But LYX offers much more than romantic novels - the portfolio includes humorous chick-lit, moving novels that will make you weep with joy and psychological thrillers with spectacular twists and turns. Intense emotions are what count - as well as the fact that they are aimed at a young female target group. is our eBook imprint. The eBook versions of LYX-print books have been appearing here since 2010. Since 2012, we’ve also offered a digital-first and a digital-only program bringing many exclusive releases and special deals under the same label. In addition to short stories and novellas from our established print series, the program also includes German first editions and original editions of books by many new authors. This enables us to delight our readers at the click of a button.


»be« - good stories aren’t bound to print

Since 2016 »be« is the new digital imprint of Bastei Lübbe for its ebook only program line. It’s a label for digital stories and curious readers! We believe that ebooks deserve the same respect as traditional books. So we dedicate ourselves to publishing ebooks with passion and attention to detail, because it’s not the format that matters. It’s the story. Our program covers the most popular ebook-genres like romance, family secrets, romantic suspense, mysteries and thrillers, cosy crime and regional mysteries, true crime and memoirs, science fiction and fantasy. We publish original editions as well as translations and digital reprints. We design eye-catching covers and optimize meta data so the book is ripe for online discovery. And of course we craft customized marketing and sales campaigns. Some of our ebooks are also available in English.

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