Dream - Frei und ungezähmt
 - Sarah Lark - Hardcover

Juvenile fiction
412 pages
Ages 12+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82507-0
Release Date: 26.01.2018

DREAM - Free and untamed

Free as the wind

14-year-old Sarah cannot believe it: Her parents move to New Zealand - and she has to go with them. She is very sad when she has to say goodbye to the horse she helped care for and initially, she is reluctant to give her new life at the other end of the world a chance.
It is only when Lucas, a rather withdrawn boy, takes her to the nearby mountains that things change. The boy, who is of Maori descent and loves horses as much as she does, shows her the feral Kaiman-awa horses that live in freedom, and it is love at first sight for Sarah when she lays eyes on a stallion with a silver mane. Secretly, she names him Dream. This is the reason why she is more than shocked when Dream is captured and threatened with being sold or even slaughtered! Together with Lucas, Sarah spares no effort to rescue the stallion.
An authentically written story about a girl and her close relationship with a feral horse
New Zealand, the land of dreams, and the first love are the X factors of this emotionally charged page-turner about horses
The new book for adolescents by best-selling author Sarah Lark