Ellas verrückt-verrutschtes Leben
 - Miriam Mann - Hardcover

Children's fiction
240 pages
Ages 10+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82587-2
Release Date: 30.10.2020

Ella’s Slide

Illustrated By Dagmar Henze

Adventure with a hint of magic

Ella is fed up. Ever since she and her family moved to the countryside, her life has been terribly dull. But everything changes when some geese chase her down the old slide in the garden, and Ella realises she’s travelled half an hour back in time! This is wonderful, she thinks, and goes down the slide again and again and again… Until she notices that the things around her keep changing. When a dog is replaced by a horse, and then even the animals start disappearing, Ella resolves to get to the bottom of the mystery of the slide.

Excitement, fun and time-travelling magic for readers aged 10+