- Dr. Matthias Marquardt - Hardcover

Lübbe Life
319 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-431-07021-7
Release Date: 26.02.2021


Why We’re All Running Out of Energy, and What We Can Do About It

Why we’re all running out of energy – and what we can do about it

Every day, people come to Dr Matthias Marquardt’s practice seeking help with exhaustion. He sees not only stressed-out executives but also mothers on maternity leave, employees, teachers and small business owners. Exhaustion is widespread in our society. And people who go to the doctor suffering from exhaustion tend to want to find out the cause of the problem and be prescribed the appropriate medication for it.

But medicine alone can rarely provide an explanation for this crippling feeling. Even a physical cause often has a deeper root: the increasing pace of our everyday lives, and the ever heavier burden of responsibilities we have to shoulder. Matthias Marquardt speaks from personal experience – he himself suffered from exhaustion for a long time. For nearly two years he succumbed to infection after infection, and watched his immune system grow weaker and weaker. But then he developed a comprehensive ‘power bank’ programme to replenish his energy reserves.

This book explores the widespread condition of exhaustion as a result of our society’s constantly accelerating pace of life. It focuses on the day-to-day things that sap our energy, and illustrates how, by getting more exercise, the right diet, the correct balance of nutrients like iron and vitamin B12, enough sleep and a media detox, we can find our way back to increased vitality and better health.

The book’s core message is this: exhaustion is a social phenomenon. And it’s not until we have identified the social factors in our lives that cause us stress and fatigue that we, as individuals, will be in a position to combat them effectively.

Exhaustion as a new epidemic

A guide to health and vitality, with tips on diet, exercise and nutrient deficiencies (iron, vitamin B12)

Matthias Marquardt is a specialist in internal medicine with his own practice, as well as a speaker and bestselling author