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Betrüger, Hochstapler, Blender
 - Lydia Benecke - PB
Betrüger, Hochstapler, Blender
 - Lydia Benecke - PB

Lydia Benecke (Author)

Scammers, Con Artists, and Impostors

The Psychology of Manipulation

True crime meets psychologyThey do it for attention, fame, and money, to be loved, or to enhance their prestige, and it’s always to the disadvantage of the public. Swindlers, imposters, and con artists use their imagination and power of persuasion, and spend enormous energy to make others believe what they themselves would all too gladly accept as true. Although they have actually suffered no harm, they portray themselves as victims to garner attention and sympathy; they use deceit to inflate their...

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