Vergessene Gräber
 - Leo Born - Taschenbuch

Lübbe Belletristik
Pocket Book
494 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-18093-6
Release Date: 21.12.2020

Forgotten Graves

A Mara Billinsky Thriller

Part 5 of the successful series featuring the unique investigator, Mara Billinsky

A gruesome series of murders has Frankfurt on tenterhooks. The killer seems to strike at random. There's only one lead: all of the victims are young people who would have had bright, successful futures. A small statue of the Madonna is found with each body, and they have all been branded on the forehead with the shape of a coffin. They are survived by grief-stricken, desperate parents who cannot fathom the tragedy.

The investigation leads Mara Billinsky and Jan Rosen to a retired Russian ballet dancer who appears to know something about the murders. But even when her own son disappears, she remains resolutely silent. Mara won’t take no for an answer and, unsuspectingly, finds herself in the middle of a deadly vendetta.

An unorthodox strong female investigator

For fans of Stieg Larsson & Andreas Franz

Sample translation of vol.2  available