- Sylvia Wage - Hardcover

Literary fiction
176 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-8479-0093-1
Release Date: 27.08.2021

Getting to the Bottom of Things

Winner of the 2020 Blogbuster Award for best debut novel

The nameless first person narrator (“I”) finds her grounds at the bottom of the well in the basement of her parents' house. A well she allegedly dug at the age of eleven. Then, as a teenager, she pushed her father into it and held him captive for decades. The story begins with the father lying dead at the bottom of the well. The “I” relates how she confronts her two sisters who were previously unaware of the situation – and how the siblings ultimately decide to make their father's body disappear together.

In an easy conversational tone and ever aware of her own implausibility and undependability, the “I” relates a family story that runs parallel to the events taking place in the house. It tells of a domineering father, a mother who drinks, the paths of her sisters' lives and her own, of digging and everyday life – [always in search of reasons] [always trying to get to the bottom of things].

What appears at the beginning to be the absurd, desperate act of an individual develops into a pact of solidarity between the women of the family. And over and over the lie, of which the “I” accuses herself, or at least flirts with. Over and over the truth which has left its mark on everyone in this family. 

But can the narrator be trusted in the first place?

A cleverly constructed and fast-paced story that takes us into the heart of family darkness.

Black humor, family drama, and a dash of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

"Grund" won the 2020 Blogbuster Award