Glück ist meine Lieblingsfarbe
 - Kristina Günak - Taschenbuch

Lübbe Belletristik
Contemporary romance
Pocket Book
269 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-404-17836-0
Release Date: 31.05.2019

Happiness is my favorite Color 

About the courage to find love

Juli lives in a place where others spend their vacation: in Mallorca. Her original plan had been to just take a time out from her boring office job but by now, she has been here for six months keeping her head above water with odd jobs like dog sitting and waitressing. Yeah, eventually she will have to go back home and face the serious side of life. But not now, not yet. For this is what scares her: to tie herself down. Juli wants to be free, she doesn’t want to make commitments and she doesn’t want to miss anything. No daily grind, not again.

When she meets the broker Quinn at a party, she is intrigued with him. He seems to be everything she is not. Mature, determined, and level-headed with both feet on the ground. On the other hand, though, that’s the problem: Juli doesn’t want to fall in love, even less with someone, who always thinks ahead and plans and organizes everything. But still: opposites attract, as we all know, and so their paths cross time and again – more or less by happenstance – and the sparks are flying left and right.

One day, Juli has her daily chat with the tiny village’s mailman, when he is hit by a speeding car and dies, right before her eyes. While still in shock, Juli spots Luna, the mailman’s dog and constant companion that is sitting in the market square, completely confused. She takes her home with her.

From now on, Juli’s life gets turned upside down because taking care of a living being means to take responsibility. To plan and organize. Things she really doesn’t want in her life. And she has to realize that Quinn is of great assistance. But how do you know whether it is real love?

A romantic comedy about the question how much closeness love needs

Wonderful entertainment with heart and humor

For all readers of Petra Hülsmann