Happy Eating
 - Anastasia Zampounidis - PB

Lübbe Life
Self-help/ Guide book
255 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-431-07012-5
Release Date: 28.08.2020

Happy Eating

How to Overcome Emotional Eating and Feel Truly Full and Satisfied

Anastasia Zampounidis often receives feedback that withdrawing from sugar works beautifully after reading her books, but her female readers have trouble staying with it permanently. This is something she can relate to very well, because achieving permanent dietary change was a rocky road for her, too. Eating entails so much more than just supplying the body with "fuel"; it’s also a very emotional matter. As a result, a radical change of diet can only be achieved in combination with the development of an inner attitude.

As Anastasia was turning her life around through sugar withdrawal, she delved into the topic of nutrition in a range of seminars, courses and books - and other fields as well, such as health, psychology, and motivation research. Whether in science or spirituality, Anastasia searched everywhere for new approaches to leading a better life. Since she was giving up soul-soothing sugar, there was a gap she needed to fill in some other way. She sought advice from doctors, healers, scientists, coaches, gurus, and even a witch. This book recounts her personal and humorous stories. She reports her successes and failures and always remains curious and open-minded. She realizes that no single path is right for everyone. And even when she found herself in a cul-de-sac, at least she gained a good story to tell.

Anastasia Zampounidis presents a candid and very humorous account of how not only her body but also her psyche renounced sugar

Eating is always emotional, so making permanent diet changes will only succeed if it involves the mind as well