Hard Liquor
 - Marie Graßhoff - PB

Lübbe Belletristik
525 pages
ISBN: 978-3-404-18510-8
Release Date: 23.12.2021

Hard Liquor

The Taste of the Night

The launch of a new series about descendants of the gods. Each volume is self-contained.

Tycho is 21, pretty, self-confident, and very popular at the university in New York. Especially among the male students. Although she regularly has to fend off shady characters after her shift tending bar in a nightclub, it doesn’t worry her. She has an ability no one knows about. As a descendent on her mother's side from a god of war, Tycho is strong to begin with. But when she drinks alcohol, she gains superhuman strength and speed, which she owes to her descent on her father's side from Bacchus, the god of wine and intoxication.

Ever since she hunted down her parents' killers as a teenager, Tycho has been content with her life. Her childhood friend Logan regularly makes advances towards her, but since he mustn’t discover her secret, she keeps him at arm’s length, preferring instead to indulge in short-term relationships. That changes when a good-looking woman named Grayson enters her life, however. She claims to know Tycho's secret and that the people who killed her parents are on the loose. Tycho does not want to become entangled and brushes her off, but when Logan and his parents prove to be members of a cult and kidnap her, it’s Grayson who comes to her rescue. Grayson belongs to a counter-movement, the so-called "Organization." It strives to disrupt the cult's plans to mate as many heirs of the gods' as possible in order to merge their abilities. Tycho's descent from not one but two gods makes her particularly interesting for both the sect and the "Organization." The battle can begin, and it does not fail to happen that Tycho and Grayson grow dangerously close to one another. 

An action-packed urban fantasy with a tingling love triangle – for fans of Laura Kneidl and Liza Grimm.

Nominated for the German Fantasy Prize 

NEON BIRDS was on the fantasy bestseller list for 5 continuous months!