Wenn Liebe die Antwort ist, wie lautet die Frage?
 - Mara Andeck - Hardcover

Juvenile fiction
240 pages
Ages 12+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82378-6
Release Date: 14.02.2014

If Love is the Answer, what is the Question?

Juvenile Book

A happy ending – and then… what?

»Am I too young to have a boyfriend? Hello? I am sixteen! Shakespeare’s Juliet was thirteen when she fell in love with Romeo and married him 24 hours later. Thirteen!!! Of course, exactly like Shakespeare, Dad made a drama out of it. But Shakespeare’s version was world literature. Dad’s was just embarrassing.«

Lilia has won Tom’s heart? Or was it Tom who won Lilia’s heart? Whatever. Sure is: What looked like a happy ending makes certainly happy – no doubt about that – but nothing ends there, not at all. For now, Lilia’s problems are only just beginning. Once she is back home, she has to realize: People can become pretty weird when you kiss a boy, and these people do not only include parents and teachers but besties and younger sisters as well.
And suddenly, Lilia has so many questions: What comes after the first kiss? The second, sure, and then the third, and the fourth… but what comes after that? It is imperative for Lilia to find out how she, life, and love fit together. This time, she cannot rely on theoretical knowledge from books. This time, she has to get off her backside and gain her own practical experiences. If only they’d let her do that…

Third and final volume in the Lilia’s Diaries series

A teenage love in the grind of everyday life

Hilarious and extremely romantic