Imago. Dunkler Hass
 - Matthias Bürgel - eBook

eBook (epub)
341 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-7325-7530-5
Release Date: 01.06.2019

Imago. Dark Hatred

Around Lake Constance, a serial killer is abducting and murdering young women, whose bodies are found horribly mutilated. And the police have no leads. So chief investigator Marius Bannert turns to case analyst Falk Hagedorn for help. Hagedorn is in a wheelchair following an accident, and wants nothing more to do with the world – much less with the police. But in the end the case gets under his skin, and he agrees to help Bannert. Little by little, by looking at the victims, the two detectives analyse the killer’s psyche and manage to guess the motive behind his crimes. But then Hagedorn’s daughter suddenly goes missing.

In Imago, detectives Bannert and Hagedorn are faced with a series of sickening crimes. One suffers with the victims and roots for the two investigators. Using flashbacks to the killer’s traumatic childhood, the author also manages to give the reader an insight into the perpetrator’s mindset – and that is perhaps the most disturbing thing about this gripping book.