Joachim Herbst

Joachim Herbst
© Olivier Favre

Joachim Herbst, born on 11 December 1965 in Lohr/Main, completed an apprenticeship as a banker at Deutsche Bank AG after graduating from high school and then studied business administration in Würzburg. This was followed by 3 years working for the auditing company Arthur Andersen in Stuttgart, after which he moved to Daimler Benz AG in Stuttgart and later Berlin for another 3 years.

From 1999 to 2013, Joachim Herbst worked for the Hamburg-based Ganske Publishing Group, first as a personal assistant to the publisher Thomas Ganske, followed by 6 years as Managing Director of Lesezirkel Daheim-Liefer Service GmbH and 6 years as Commercial Managing Director of Jahreszeiten Verlag GmbH.

After interim management for a subsidiary of Cornelsen Verlag and a brief stint at Burda in Offenburg, Joachim Herbst returned to Cornelsen in Berlin in 2015, where he was CFO of Cornelsen Verlag GmbH and CFO of the Cornelsen Group Holding until July 2020.

Since August 2020, Joachim Herbst is CFO of the Issuer. Since September 15, 2020, he has also assumed the role of Spokesman of the Issuer’s Executive Board.