Inselglück und Sommerträume
 - Sofia Caspari - Taschenbuch

Lübbe Belletristik
Feelgood novels
Pocket Book
397 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-18368-5
Release Date: 26.02.2021

Island Happiness and Summertime Dreams

Sandra (44) is in a crisis: her husband, Jonas (46), has abandoned the family, and the arguments with her their daughter Alex (15) are becoming more and more intense. Then she receives an invitation from Daniela, her best friend in high school. Twenty-five years after graduation, Daniela wants to invite their clique to her parents' holiday villa on the Croatian Island of Lošinj. Sandra hesitates at first. Won’t it be painful to meet up again with Nils, her boyfriend from back then, and face all her broken dreams?

She decides to call the others first, but only reaches Nicolai. She learns that he writes a successful travel blog and also makes money as a musician, which he had always wanted to do. What he doesn't tell her, however, is that he was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which has thrown him into an abyss. Together they decide to attend the meeting. Eventually, Nils also arrives on the island. He’s become a successful journalist who at first has to play up his own importance. Sandra is confused by his cockiness: that’s not the way she knows him. But Nils’s behavior is an attempt to protect himself. Things aren’t running all that smoothly in his professional life, and a year ago his marriage went on the rocks.
The last to arrive is Maike. She is a doctor with body and soul, but can’t take the pressure in her clinic anymore. And to everyone's surprise, it’s Maike – who always came out on top and sailed through everything – who first starts talking about the dreams she once had and what became of them.

Against the enchanting backdrop of the Mediterranean island, everything seems to become easier. Friendships are renewed, and the mutual exchange does everyone good. Sandra and Nils fall in love with each other again, and in the end everyone leaves the island strengthened and happier.

For female readers of page-turners from age 25+, travellers to Croatia, and readers of Jenny Colgan’s “Little Beach Street Bakery”

Light summertime reading revolving around "true love” and "life dreams”

A wonderful novel about love and life set against the backdrop of a Croatian summer