Ein hundsgemeiner Mord
 - Cathrin Geissler - PB

Lübbe Belletristik
mystery novel
413 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-18322-7
Release Date: 26.02.2021

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World

A Case for Vet Tina Deerten

Tina Deerten, the first vet detective in the genre of comic crime fiction

When vet Tina Deerten examines an injured greyhound that has been brought into her surgery, she discovers a bullet in the dog’s body. Who has shot at the animal – and most importantly, why? It soon becomes clear that the dog is from the nearby Finkenstein estate, where dog trainer Bernhard Perry was recently found dead. Is this a coincidence? And was the man’s death really a suicide, as was previously assumed? Or did somebody help him on his way?

Tina soon comes to believe that the two cases are connected. And since nobody else seems to care that the greyhound, too, was nearly murdered, she decides to take on the case along with her assistant Sanne and her loyal mongrel Swatt.

She learns that illegal dog racing and large-scale betting fraud are taking place on the Finkenstein estate. And she also discovers that the vet who works there – Tina’s arch-enemy Alixa Müller – is somehow mixed up in it all. Since Alixa is in need of cash, and in possession of a hunting licence, she would have had both the motive and the means to do away with a disagreeable accomplice. But when Alixa too is murdered, it becomes clear that she cannot be the killer.

Meanwhile, Tina herself has attracted the attention of the police: she has been spotted at the scene of Alixa’s murder, where she was looking for clues. In order to prove her innocence she must continue her investigation, once more with the help of Sanne and Swatt.

The author is a vet herself, and has plenty of expert knowledge which she weaves elegantly into the text

Funny, atmospheric, exciting and effortlessly written