Mäusekind, es ist so weit, bald beginnt die Schlafenszeit
 - Sophie Schoenwald - Hardcover

picture book
Ages 4+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0681-7
Release Date: 29.10.2021

It’s Nearly Bedtime, Little Mouse

Illustrated By Carola Sieverding

A tired little mouse is looking for a cosy place to sleep

It’s nearly bedtime but the little mouse is still wide awake, nibbling, running, hopping and stretching – there’s so much to explore! Not until darkness falls do his little eyelids start to feel heavy. Where should he bed down for the night? Perhaps he’ll find somewhere to sleep among the other animals. But
the snoring dog is too noisy, the chickens’ ladder is too wobbly, and the hedgehogs are far too prickly. So it’s a good thing Mummy Mouse knows just where to look for the little runaway...

A rhyming bedtime story for sleepy little one

With repeated verses that encourage children to join in

A picture book about caring and feeling safe

A playful tour of animal-themed sleeping spots