Johnny Sinclair - Beruf: Geisterjäger
 - Sabine Städing - Hardcover

Children's fiction
272 pages
Ages 10+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0467-7
Release Date: 16.03.2017


Evil spirits beware …
Johnny Sinclair is not your average boy because he has the ability to talk to spirits! When the 12-year-old finds one of the legendary talking skulls, he can barely believe his luck. The only downside is that the century-old skull stands head and shoulders above him in intelligence and knowledge and doesn’t hesitate to prove it whenever an opportunity arises. But right now, Johnny has other things to worry about. Greyman Castle, the fortress, in which he lives, is haunted by spirits and also in Blacktooth, the village nearby, strange things are happening. When the skull makes it possible for Johnny to get his hands on a powerful magical artefact, the fun times are over for the spirits. And Johnny realizes: He wants to grow up to be a ghost hunter and declare war on all evil! What he doesn’t know: His adversaries already have their sights on him…