Johnny Sinclair - Dicke Luft in der Gruft
 - Sabine Städing - Hardcover

Children's fiction
268 pages
Ages 10+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0539-1
Release Date: 23.02.2018

Johnny Sinclair - Trouble’s Brewing In The Crypt

Illustrated By Mareikje Vogler

Hunting ghosts with courage, wit, and a dash of salt

Dear ghosts, beware of Johnny Sinclair: The 12-year-old ghost hunter is back! The business cards for his new ghost hunter agency have just been printed when he gets his first case: His classmate, Millie, has caught a mysterious illness, the fever of the haunted! Is it possibly connected to the dark shadows that were recently following her? Together with his best friend, Russell, the cheeky skull Erasmus von Rothenburg, and an extra large dash of anti-haunting salt in his luggage, Johnny sets out to solve the case. The clues lead the two friends to the cemetery of Blacktooth, of all places…

Volume 1 sold more than 12,000 copies

Trend topic: Humorous horror stories

Creepily gorgeous design: Book with a colored edge