Johnny Sinclair - Die Gräfin mit dem eiskalten Händchen
 - Sabine Städing - Hardcover

Children's fiction
224 pages
Ages 10+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0568-1
Release Date: 26.10.2018

Johnny Sinclair. The Stone-Cold Countess

Illustrated By Mareikje Vogler

Packing suitcases is the order of the day. For Johnny Sinclair and his best friend, Russel, will spend Christmas in the mountains. How cool is that? After all, Christmas on a snowboard is a thousand times better than Christmas in rubber boots. As a precaution, Johnny packs his ghost hunter equipment as well as Erasmus, the talking skull. This is not only logical but also a wise decision, as it soon turns out. For in and around the small mountain village, the poisonous countess is conducting her stone-cold business.
A brief touch from her is enough to turn humans and animals into blocks of ice. Brrrr!  So without any doubt, there is a great demand for Johnny’s and Russel’s ghost hunter skills... and for a fully functional heater to thaw!

Volume 3 in the popular ghost hunter series

With a ghost hunter diploma in the appendix