Spring einfach mitten rein
 - Susanne Bütow - Hardcover

Lübbe Sachbuch
Nonfiction gift book
64 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-431-05013-4
Release Date: 30.09.2020

Jump Right In

The Wisdom of Kangaroos

Add a little bounce to your life

Sometimes happiness comes in leaps and bounds! Adult kangaroos can jump an impressive eight metres. And that’s not the only amazing thing about them: they have perfect balance, they like to live life to the full, and they know you should always trust your gut. Susanne Bütow hand-rears orphaned baby marsupials. There is a great deal of work involved: bottle feeding, making pouches, teaching the babies how to jump... And plenty of joyful moments, too, when her fosterlings grow up and she is able to learn lessons from them about her own life.

JUMP RIGHT IN is a light-hearted book packed full of wit, wisdom and fascinating facts about the wildlife of the fifth continent. Featuring beautiful photographs of these much-loved animals, it is perfect for readers of LAZY AND HAPPY, UNEQUAL FRIENDS or the books of Tanja Brandt – and it makes a lovely gift.

Wombats, kangaroos and more – these cute animals (which are very much ‘on trend’ right now) share their worldly wisdom

Amazing facts and enchanting photos

For readers of Tanja Brandt