Kaleidra - Wer die Seele berührt (Band 2)
 - Kira Licht - Hardcover

Young adult fiction
480 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-8466-0116-7
Release Date: 26.03.2021

Kaleidra - Who Touches Your Soul (Vol.2)

Kaleidra changes you forever – if you survive

Emilia and Ben have been abducted. Together with their enemy, they’re about to enter the League of the Tria and create the Water of Life. But somebody from the past seems to have other ideas, and things get increasingly out of control. As if that wasn’t enough, Emilia has started to have feelings she knows she shouldn’t be having.
There’s only one thing for it: she must travel with Ben to Kaleidra – to the origin of all alchemists – although she knows this means risking her own life...

Book 2 of this brilliant fantasy trilogy about the secret world of alchemists

For readers of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Ava Reed and Julia Dippel

Romance, excitement, suspense: this wonderful book is unputdownable!