Kalle und Kasimir - Der geheimnisvolle Nachbar
 - Mirjam Müntefering - Taschenbuch

Lübbe Belletristik
Contemporary romance
Pocket Book
207 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-404-17961-9
Release Date: 20.12.2019

KALLE AND KASIMIR - The Mysterious Neighbour


A cheerful cat-pug-crime novel

Tomcat Kasimir leads a wonderful life with his mistress, Linna. He roams the garden or he uses cozy crime movie nights in front of the television to prepare for his real calling: to become a detective. But then suddenly, Kasimir’s life is turned upside down. Two-legged Mads moves in with Linna. Kasimir might be able to put up with him but with Mads comes Kalle. The good-natured pug is not exactly the epitome of canine astuteness, can easily be enthused, and is persistently in an irritatingly good mood – which is reason enough for Kasimir to rid himself of Kalle, as soon as possible.

But his attempts to get the nuisance out of the house fail. And the tomcat is so busy scheming against the pug that he almost doesn’t notice how weird their neighbor behaves. But Kasimir is vigilant and senses that something is wrong. Will he find out what the neighbor is up to? And more importantly: Will Kasimir find a way to finally get rid of Kalle?

Ideal read for all fans of A Street Cat Named Bob

Humorous, written from alternating points of view