Last Secrets - Das Rätsel von Loch Ness
 - Richard Dübell - Hardcover

Children's fiction
208 pages
Ages 10+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-3925-9
Release Date: 10.09.2015

Last Secrets – The Mystery of Loch Ness

Kick-off to a new detective series

Basically, Franziska and Fynn are completely normal twelve-year-old twins. They have a secret, though, and only their closest friends, Lena and Cornelius, know about it: They are the descendants of the world’s first detective, Eugène Vidocq! At night, his restless spirit sneaks into their dreams and asks them for help: The children are to solve the last remaining great mysteries of the world! A time machine transports them wherever they need to go but using the outdated device can prove tricky. Their first mission takes them to Loch Ness and into the year 1934 and the task is to find out whether the monster really exists or not.
Not only are the children faced with solving the mysteries while coping with the problems they have in a time period that is unknown to them, as well as with the problems that young Vidocq causes, they also have to assert themselves against opposing adversaries, who have personal reasons for trying to prevent the mysteries from being revealed.
Each volume is about one of mankind’s great mysteries that gets

Activity section in the appendix: puzzles, historical background, games, and a lot of ancillary Information