Lenni Langohr - Ein Hase zum Liebhaben
 - Andrea Kuhrmann - Hardcover

picture book
128 pages
Ages 2+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0611-4
Release Date: 27.03.2020

Lenny Longears the Loveable Rabbit

Illustrated By Nadine Reitz

First picture book stories for the very young
There’s never a dull moment with Lenny Longears! Along with his parents, his sister Clara and his cuddly toy Baby Carrot, the little rabbit has all sorts of adventures. He walks bravely along a log in the park, and he feeds the goats with Mummy. He helps Daddy plant an apple tree. And at the playground he slides down the big slide with Clara and Baby Carrot. Wheeee! No wonder Lenny’s worn out by the end of the day! A quick kiss for everyone, and then it’s time to say night night.
Seven short stories about young children’s day-to-day lives – from getting up to going to bed
Perfectly designed for the target age group: simple text, clear pictures
Easy for little ones to relate to: children will recognise themselves and their daily lives in the stories