Like water in your hands
 - Mehwish Sohail - PB

New Adult
480 pages
Ages 14+
ISBN: 978-3-7363-1551-8
Release Date: 24.11.2021


Like This Vol.1

Romantic, dramatic, thrilling – everything New Adult should be

What if you have two hearts beating in your breast?

LIKE WATER IN YOUR HANDS is a first-person-voice novel by a Muslim woman writer. Love stories by and for young Muslims have thousands of readers on WATTPAD: there is a target audience here, but it is poorly served by the book market, which is why readers seek out stories online. With this novel, LYX is addressing that target audience.

19-year-old Arwa has just moved to Vienna to study. But instead of making friends, she shuts herself off and immerses herself in her art, avoiding contact with others as much as possible. All that changes, however, when she meets Tariq. From the moment she sets eyes on him, he awakens feelings in her that she’s never felt before. But Tariq, who is finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile his family's traditional expectations with his desire for freedom, is struggling with his own demons. And the closer Arwa and Tariq become, the clearer it is that their love will only stand a chance if they can manage to face up to their past once and for all.

An authentic first-person-voice novel with its finger on the pulse of our times

A young author who is part of the target audience

For readers of Laura Kneidland Brittainy C. Cherry

English sample translation available in due course