Lucas und der Zaubertrank
 - Stefan Gemmel - Hardcover

Children's fiction
192 pages
Ages 8+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0633-6
Release Date: 28.08.2020

Lucas and the Magic Potion

Illustrated By Timo Grubing

The fantastical adventure continues

Lucas, Li-Feng and Ole have managed to thwart the evil schemes of Shalamar the dark wizard – for now, at least. But he is plotting his revenge. He plans to use a magic potion to bend all of humanity to his will and plunge the world into chaos. Lucas and his friends have to step into Nathanael’s magical shadow once more, and travel back in time to stop Shalamar. From King Arthur’s court they set out on a journey to visit the druids, the masters of potion-making. But all kinds of dangers lurk along the way...

From Arthur and Camelot to the druids – an action-packed fantasy adventure set in a famous mythical world

A story about friendship, sticking together and good versus evil