Lucas und der Zauberschatten
 - Stefan Gemmel - Hardcover

Children's fiction
188 pages
Ages 10+
ISBN: 978-3-8339-0598-8
Release Date: 28.02.2020

Lucas and the Magic Shadow

Illustrated By Timo Grubing

A fantastical journey through time

Lucas is playing a perfectly ordinary game of Dare when he’s stopped by a strange old man, and is suddenly plunged headlong into a series of amazing adventures! The man claims to be a wizard, a student of the great Merlin himself. He wants Lucas to help him break an ancient curse – but to do this he will have to travel back in time to King Arthur’s Camelot. It all sounds far too crazy to be true... But what if there is something in it after all?

Travel back in time with this gripping story