Helles Land
 - Mary E. Garner - PB

Lübbe Belletristik
479 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-404-20978-1
Release Date: 23.12.2021

Luminous Land

The Chosen One of the Sacred Tree

A magical tree. A chance for the world. A race against time . . . 

Clay is a High Guardian of the Trees in a world where two suns burn down without mercy. She is also the keeper of an ancient secret: at the center of the vast expanse of forest a Light Oak grows, a species otherwise thought to be extinct. Clay is convinced that the ancient tree uses root communication to encourage other trees to reflect the sun's rays with their crown leaves, something which is essential for the survival of the forest and its inhabitants.

Hardly anyone knows that in the towers it’s becoming apparent that the protective roof won’t hold out much longer. So far all repair efforts have failed. Now, as the hundredth anniversary of the mighty Light Oak's fruit and seed production approaches, the authorities are planning to use a giant shunter and move the tree and its seeds to the towers, thereby placing the [city/country?] [city state?] under the protection of the tree and its descendants. This would mean the end of Darkland. Can Clay and her companions keep the tree’s location secret and save Darkland from doom? 

When Clay's life companion is kidnapped, she and her disciple take up the chase, embarking on a journey that will take them to Dustland and all the way to the Towers. Many dangers and surprises lie in store.

A stand-alone fantasy novel about a magical tree and its guardian – by a Spiegel bestselling author.

The myth of the magical “heart of the forest” reinterpreted – modern, atmospheric, and extremely topical

Fascinating characters who will not surrender to their fate, but fight on for autonomy, liberty, solidarity, and the preservation of nature.