Midnight Chronicles - Blutmagie
 - Laura Kneidl - PB

Romantic Fantasy
431 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-7363-1347-7
Release Date: 24.02.2021



Two SPIEGEL Bestseller authors. Six novels. A major fantasy saga

Laura Kneidl and Bianca Iosivoni are SPIEGEL Bestseller authors and superstars of the German New Adult community. Combined, LYX has sold over 800,000 of their books.

In MIDNIGHT CHRONICLES the authors transport their readers to a world in which a group of young hunters band together to fight evil – putting not only their lives at stake, but their hearts too.

Blood Magic: Since 19-year-old Cain completed her training as a Blood Huntress, it’s been her job to protect the citizens of Edinburgh from dark creatures. She takes her work very seriously and always obeys the rules of the Hunters – making her the exact opposite of Warden Prinslo. Since his parents were attacked by vampires, the secretive Hunter has had only one aim: to find those responsible and hold them to account, whatever the cost. The fact that he and Cain were once comrades-in-arms who trusted one another implicitly is hard for them to believe these days. The differences between them are too great, and the pain they suffered after hurting each other so badly is still too raw.

But the return of Isaac the vampire king leaves Cain with no choice other than to work with Warden again. And as they fight side by side in a life-or-death struggle, they can’t help wondering whether perhaps this might be a second chance for them. 

Action-packed, exciting and sexy

For readers of Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout   

For all fans of Buffy and Supernatural