Wunder & so - Falls ich dich küsse
 - Mara Andeck - Hardcover

Juvenile fiction
288 pages
Ages 12+
ISBN: 978-3-414-82548-3
Release Date: 31.07.2019

Miracles & Stuff. If I Kiss You

Band 1

Déjà-vu – what if we’ve always loved each other?

Fifteen-year-old Lou is about to set sail on the ship of her dreams. The Galatea is furnished much like the Titanic once was, with glittering chandeliers, silk and velvet. The passengers are served by butlers, and dress for dinner in tailcoats and evening gowns. But not long after boarding the ship, Lou feels a strange attraction to a mysterious boy. He seems familiar, even though she’s never met him before in her life. Could there be an age-old connection between them?

A feel-good book, perfect for dreamers

Suspense, romance, heart and humour