Mydworth Mysteries - A Shot in the Dark
 - Neil Richards - eBook

mystery novel
eBook (epub)
152 pages
Ages 16+
ISBN: 978-3-7325-6953-3
Release Date: 31.07.2019

Mydworth Mysteries - A Shot in the Dark

Episode 1

From the authors of the best-selling series CHERRINGHAM

It is 1929. A new decade is approaching and with it an air of optimism. Despite the trials and struggles ahead, the world is changing for the better in so many ways. Amelia Earhart has just crossed the Atlantic. And the women of England – who now have the vote – are taking their place in society that has been denied them so long. For most people in the English Home Counties, life goes on, comfortably enough.

Take Mydworth, for instance. The perfect picturesque English village… Just 50 miles from London. Cars chug lazily around its quiet roads. Summertime pubs serve beer from barrels. Cricket matches fill every village green. Horses and carts can still be seen in the fields and in harvest time the schools are empty as children help bring in the crops. The ‘great diplomatic game’ that led to the ruin of War is rarely spoken of. And the major players -- the empires, kings, elected leaders, and the secret agencies that support them – have taken a back seat to next summer’s fashions, the new dance craze in town, and the latest jazz sensation. But things are about to change in gentle, discreet Mydworth. Two people who well knew those players and their global ‘games’ are about to arrive in the village – and turn the pretty place upside down …

Sussex, England, 1929. Young and handsome Sir Harry Mortimer returns home from his diplomatic posting in Cairo, with his beautiful and unconventional American wife, Kat. No sooner have the two arrived, when a jewel robbery occurs at Harry’s aunt’s home - Mydworth Manor. The police are baffled and overwhelmed with the case. But Harry and Kat have an edge in the hunt for the dangerous culprit: not only do they have certain useful 'skills' they've both picked up in service of King, President and Country…they also have access to parts of English society that your average bobby can't reach..:

English manuscript available

MYDWORTH MYSTERIES is a series of self-contained novella-length mysteries, published in English and German